that’s not how God works

I'm not a poet. I'm not a good shepherd of my words. I'm not very much of anything. Today I hurt, and I'm not sure exactly how God works, but I am being reminded of how he doesn't.


To Break vs. Being Broken

Look pal-life isn't always the greatest, people can be the worst, and that's totally fine. Let's burn our tongues on bitter coffee and get over it/through it together. We as a people are broken by ourselves, but there's hope. Let's seek it together, shall we?

A Year?

I don't know, maybe, I mean I guess, sure. A year? I made it a year? I made it a year. Let's give it a go.

Avoiding It

This is a short post because I'm currently avoiding sleep, but to some up the point of this post - I am legitimately doing anything to avoid doing what I need to be doing.

When My Heart is Whelmed

So, I'm still alive, still eating terrible, and not exercising regularly. I haven't dropped out just yet, I thought about it and then didn't know what I would do instead... so I'm still here, and I'm stressed AF. Lets rant.

Halloween First

On midterms and the holidays: I want to hide under the sheets, take a ten year long nap, and wake up in a foreign country to the smells of espresso and an all expenses paid vacation. Unfortunately, I am aware that this is not going to happen and that is where I am having the hardest time coping.